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that night

#john is like ‘this looks kinda phallic should i put it in my mouth?’ #and sherlock is like ‘this looks extremely phallic and i am going to put it in my mouth’



that night


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mickey + tank tops 

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"I’d say we have a lovely chemistry and a lovely rapport, and a relationship where we might not see each other in a few months and then we’d get back together and it’s just like… old friends."

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"so,he act tough,and you show kindness.Is that how this works?"

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Me and you.

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You heard from Ian lately?

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There is this guy on the bus who calls himself Jeff. Jeff narrates the entire bus ride in third person. Today was the only day I have been on the bus with Jeff where someone has told him to shut up. Jeff sighed and then said “Jeff dramatically looks out of the window while sighing. Jeff just couldn’t understand why people had to be so rude.” The person who told him to shut up now looks like he is going to cry out of frustration.

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reasons to watch The Riches: this adorable asshole

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that’s how the scene went, right?

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gallavich meme [1/3]

     ↳ parallels